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H&M GBC Logistics stop all repression

The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle has been informed of the situation which a representative from trade union Sud Solidaires 93 faces within the company she works for, H&M GBC Logistics.

This employee is subject to sexist abuse insults, sexual gestures from other employees of the company, and everyone knows about it. Not only does senior management turn a blind eye to the abuse, but they also try to cover the whole thing up, and to prevent the union rep from speaking out.

Trade union repression therefore goes hand in hand with sexism. This is unfair and infuriating, and we s upport her wholeheartedly. Women have the right to work and live with dignity and without being harassed. One must never be bullied for saying so loud and clear.

The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle demands that H&M GBC Logistics stop all repression, stop sexist abuse and s top bullying those who speak out.

>> Pour en savoir plus, voir sur le site de Solidaires 93

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Article publié le 12 octobre 2020